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Biographie What is die cutting?
Die cutting is a broad term, but in crafting, the act of die cutting refers to a process in which you use a machine to mass-produce cut-out shapes. You can create the same shape, with the exact same dimensions, over and over without using scissors, stencils, or a craft knife. It saves time and makes your cut-out shapes look professional and consistent every time.

What is a die cutting machine?

Die Cutting Machines or card making machines are machines that cut shapes out of paper, chipboard (like cardboard but thicker and more dense), fabric and other materials. Most people who die cut regularly have personal die cutting machines that are about the size of a small toaster oven. These machines can sit on top of your crafting table or work space or can be stored in a small area and brought out when needed. There are even tiny tabletop versions like the Sidekick or Mini Evolution, and compact folding versions like the Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway.

Just like any other appliance or tool, there are a variety of brands of die cutting machines, and each differs slightly from the other. You can also check out this resource for die-cutting machines. It will give you an overview of different styles so you can choose the right machine for your needs.

There are lots of different types of Laminating Machines for sale on today’s market, ranging from small and inexpensive desktop varieties for home and small office use through too much larger and more costly industrial versions. The latter tend to accommodate a wider array of temperature settings and document sizes, and usually feature multiple sets of rollers for helping achieve a flawless finish in more demanding applications.

A laminator machine typically uses a combination of heat, pressure and an internal roller mechanism to apply a thin plastic cover to paper documents or other items, In the most common scenario, the paperwork in question is fed into the laminating machine one page at a time, sandwiched in loose plastic sheets or lamination pouches.

Slitter rewinders perform a few basic and essential functions that make modern soft material production, converting, packaging, and transportation possible. Their long history and keystone role in western industrialization earn them a spot of honor among quintessential commercial production machinery. Follow along with us below as we explore the history, advancements, functions, composition, and production of Slitting Rewinder Machines.

15 years ago, there were perhaps no more than 20 Sheet Cutting Machine OEMs, and the industry was dominated by a handful of leading suppliers. In the meantime, however, the market has opened up, and today, there are a multitude laser cutting machine manufacturers on the market. The number of suppliers of other components, such as software and CNC controls, has also increased dramatically, with the result that virtually anyone with a modicum of know-how can now produce a fiber laser cutting machine.

In the industrial set up of the economy, Printing Machines are growing in large numbers. Different printing techniques and processes are used by every industry for effective communication. Any machine used in printing ink on the substrate (printing medium) which can be cloth, paper or plastic, is referred to as the printing machinery. By applying pressure to the substrate, the printing machinery transfers the ink on the printing medium resting on an inked platform composed of movable type. The development of industrial printing machines changed a lot of things in the world. It would make transfer and preservation of historical records, scientific findings, and knowledge easy and possible. There's a great advancement in the printing machinery introduced in the market today given the improvement in science and technology. There's a competition in the industry, as many companies are now making printing press. As every company is introducing better features and making an effort to overcome the other competitors, this has led to the introduction of many enhanced features in printing machinery. With the introduction of various features in these types of machinery, printing is now easier to be done than it was in earlier days.

Our innovative automatic CCD Inspection Machine with a single table, first of the new visual inspection system from Doss Visual Solution. Thanks to the special anti-reflect technical glass table, the quality of the images, acquired by the cameras on top and bottom of the table, is at the same standard.

The fully automatic camera lens-changing system allows you to have the advantage of a fixed-frame field and the flexibility of having multiple frame fields. The Zehn’s automatic vision unit lifting system allows for quick cleaning and table replacement. A webcam is also available to assist with remote viewing. 
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